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Concord and Harrisburg ABC Referendum

Early voting in Cabarrus County begins Oct. 16, 2019, and in the City of Concord and the Town of Harrisburg, you will see an ABC referendum on the ballot to permit the “on-premises” and “off-premises” sale of malt beverages.

The Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce supports this referendum for the positive impacts it will have on businesses in Concord and Harrisburg. It opens possibilities to grow our hospitality sector and increases entertainment options for our citizens and guests. The guidelines will still be in place to make sure the venues are regulated but allows smaller businesses to open without the costs of unneeded restrictions.

If the ABC referendum is approved allowing on-premises malt beverage sales in the city limits:
• Will support businesses that serve beer for on-site consumption.
• Businesses that serve mixed drinks and liquor will still have to maintain a mixed beverage permit and meet additional local and state regulations for restaurants or private clubs.
• Wineries will be able to obtain an on-premises malt beverage permit to serve beer without having to maintain a mixed beverage permit.
• Businesses that only serve beer will be able to operate with an on-premises malt beverage permit and no longer have to maintain a mixed beverage permit.
• Will reduce the cost for maintaining ABC permits for businesses that only serve beer.
• An ABC permit will still be required and regularly reviewed for businesses that serve any type of alcohol.
• Concord Police Department will still review ABC permit applications before the state issues a permit.
• The City’s zoning ordinance still applies and will limit operation of drinking establishments to certain zoning districts.
• Concord will become consistent with most cities in North Carolina that already approved on-premises malt beverage sales in their areas.

If you would like to show support for this referendum, two files are available for download: a flyer and a sign . Please feel free to post them at your business or use them on social media as you wish. Also, please feel free to share this email with anyone who is confused on the benefits of the referendum.

Download Flyer

Download Sign

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