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2019 Legislative Agenda and Guiding Principles

Download a printable copy of the 2019 Legislative Agenda here.



Legislative Agenda 2019

The Cabarrus Regional Chamber of Commerce supports legislative action that promotes a strong quality of life by fostering a growing economy for our county, region and state. We believe that the state must focus on developing a skilled workforce, promoting economic development and helping small business in order to strengthen the economy and improve the lives of our residents. To that end, we encourage the General Assembly to:
1. Support career readiness for high school students by removing barriers to apprenticeships and strengthening the connection between our high schools and community colleges. Examples include:
     a. Continued funding for students who are dually enrolled.
     b. Investment in state-of-the art training equipment.
     c. Promoting manufacturing and trade careers as part of K-12 education.
2. Revise the school report card system to recognize both achievement and growth so that businesses have a better understanding of the performance of their local schools.
3. Build new schools by:
     a. Supporting additional state funding for school construction through a statewide bond referendum or other funding mechanism such as increasing the allocation of lottery funds.
     b. Providing Cabarrus County with the flexibility to use funds from its ¼ cent local option sales tax for school construction.
4. Make permanent the sales tax exemption on jet fuel to provide both Concord-Padgett Regional Airport and Charlotte-Douglas International Airport a competitive advantage in securing commercial flights.
5. Make any necessary changes to state law to facilitate the creation of association health plans for small businesses.

In addition to these initiatives, the Cabarrus Chamber follows the following guiding principles in evaluating legislation:
1. We support state investment in infrastructure. Specifically, the state must invest in transportation systems that allow businesses to promote tourism and move goods and products, education systems that improve our workforce, and technology platforms that allow businesses to seamlessly interact with government.
2. We support legislation that recognizes the needs of both our growing communities and those that are economically challenged and that both communities can exist within the same county.
3. We oppose unfunded mandates on local governments or the creation of programs without recurring funding.
4. We recognize that the current health insurance system is unaffordable for many small businesses and support efforts at all levels of government to address this burden on our small businesses.
5. Regulation on the business community must have a clearly articulated policy objective, must be fairly enforced, and should be a cost-effective means of achieving the objective.






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