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Class of 2021 Leadership Cabarrus Application


Please read the following information regarding program purpose, class dates, program objectives, program information, instructions/selection and selection criteria here before completing the application form below. If you are a small business owner or employee of a nonprofit and would like to apply for the Leadership Cabarrus scholarships by May 31, please fill out the alternate application found here.


• Applications must be submitted online through the Chamber’s website, and ONE letter of reference uploaded with it; no other attachments are necessary. 
• Limit answers to the space provided.
• Final candidates will be selected based on highest application scoring. Chamber members are given priority placement and consideration.
• Selected applicants will receive an acceptance notification by July 24, after which tuition payment of $900 is required by August 14. Non-Chamber member tuition payment is $1,250, subject to availability.

Helpful tip for using this online form: Type your answer for each question in a Word Document or Notepad first and copy/paste them into the online form when you are ready. In the event of technical difficulty, having this back up means you will not have to start from scratch! After you hit the submit button at the bottom of the form, please make sure you see a Thank You page acknowledging your submission.

Selection Criteria:

• The Leadership Cabarrus class shall be selected on following criteria (Chamber members receive priority consideration.):
• Representation from the greatest breadth of diversity in all socio-economic areas.
• Demonstrated ability to set and achieve personal and professional goals.
• Demonstrated personal commitment to the Cabarrus County community and society in general.
• A commitment to the time required by the program.
• A commitment to be a responsible and engaged participant, including the class project.
• Announced candidates for public office may not “campaign” and/or use class time to promote their candidacy in any way.
Leadership Cabarrus is a competitive program and submission of an application does not guarantee placement. All applications are reviewed by the Leadership Cabarrus Steering Committee, comprised of program alumni who work closely with the program to continually update the days to make sure they are relevant and meaningful. Applications must be received by Friday, June 28 at 5 p.m.


Applicant Information:

1. Name:
2. Name you prefer to be called:
3. Current Employer:
4. Position/Title:
5. Business mailing address:
6. Business phone (format xxx-xxx-xxxx):
7. Cell Phone (format xxx-xxx-xxxx):
8. Business email:
9. Preferred email:
10. Emergency medical contact name:
11. Emergency contact's relationship to you:
12. Emergency contact's phone number (format xxx-xxx-xxxx):


Employment History: 

13. What are your current responsibilities with the organization?
14. What are your accomplishments with the organization?
15. Please list your previous employment in the last five years, beginning with most recent, and include dates you worked there.


16. Please list your education, including school, location and degree attained. Please list the highest attained degree first.

Community Involvement and Activities:

17. Please list your community involvement and activities. Include the name of the organization, the dates you were involved with the organizations, positions held, responsibilities and accomplishments.

Vision and Perspective:

18. How do you define leadership?
19. Explain your interest in participating in Leadership Cabarrus.
20. What do you think are the three most significant issues facing Cabarrus County today and explain why?
21. What do you think are the three most notable opportunities Cabarrus County has to offer?
22. Is there anything else you would like the selection committee to know regarding your interest and/or application?

Letter of Reference:

Please upload one letter of reference. The following formats permitted: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, rtf


Statement of Commitment:

Leadership Cabarrus is a fun, exciting and fulfilling program, but for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment, please read the conditions below, check the box next to each condition with your acknowledgement and sign on the digital signature pad:

 To graduate from the Leadership Cabarrus program, participants are expected to attend all sessions. If more than 8 hours are missed, the participant may continue to attend future days, but will not graduate, and there will be no refund of tuition.
 These days are rigorous and planned to inform participants as much as possible. This requires total participation by classmates with no distractions. If you have responsibilities that may keep you from this commitment, this program may not be a good fit for you.
 Participation in the class legacy project (that is decided by the class) is also required.
 Your employer must support your application and understand the time commitment away from work during program days.


I understand the objective and commitments of the Leadership Cabarrus program. If selected, I will devote the time necessary to successfully complete the program, according to the specific requirements, as well as participate in the class project. I understand tuition is due by August 14, payable in full. 

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